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Activating your inner pioneer | 27 februari 2024

In this PHENOMENAL CONVERSATIONS fifteenth edition we explore;

Activating Your Inner Pioneer

The turbulence, disruption, and uncertainty of the external world is creating equivalent upheavals in our internal life worlds, despite the fact that many may be unresponsive or even unaware. The unprecedented nature of these times is calling for new forms of autonomous and collective action and more ecologically friendly activities. With the corrosion of political, economic and social trust, every individual seems left alone to function in a world where agreements about mutually assured common and planetary welfare seem irredeemably broken. Without explicit shared expectations to automatically adhere to, the guardrails seem to have fallen off and how to know be and do is in total flux.Nevertheless some individuals have been predicting, living in preparation for how to function in such chaotic circumstances. They have journeyed deep within to touch and chart those universal eternal resources that have sustained the human spirit for millenia. They are rooted in the non material world and gain sustenance from spirit, others and world, to build enterprises and projects that aim at creating the more beautiful world amidst the beginning to be ruined and the overwhelmingly fractured current reality.

One such unique individual, Carla de Ruiter, has had an extensive career in management, media, organizational psychology, culture change and conscious awareness. Her recent book Pioneering Leadership outlines how almost every single person has the capacity to develop their inner pioneer, this can be achieved without roles, titles, position or outrageous pay, simply through cultivating passion ideals values to serve social and ecological good, Join myself and Carla our fourteenth connected conversation, part interview, small group dialogue and large group exploration, Phenomenal Conversations explore life defining issues in the current disrupted epoch.


Purpose of Phenomenal Conversations/Dialogues

The purpose of Phenomenal Conversations is to stimulate, activate and inspire non-ordinary public exchanges that free heart, mind and soul from the burdens and concerns of a world in crisis. The dialogues will explore a topical issue, while investigating , core questions that are both critical and timely to the co-presenter's research or prime interests. The dialogues and conversations will exemplify a shared non-ordinary exploration together, that is lively, imminent and transmits energies of possibility. With the aim of nourishing the collective heart, mind and soul through lively engagement and exchange.

Approach The concept is to provide a starkly positive contrast, with mainstream conference presentations, panel discussions and general public dialogue. Phenomenal conversations will shift the emphasis away from the expertise, knowledge and personality of the presenter/co-presenters, into a shared exploration of a phenomenal question. Co-presenter interactions will exemplify the nourishing and exciting energy that arises out of living the questions together.

Format Each dialogue will begin with the co-presenters engaging in a disciplined sharp accurate and in depth conversation for a concentrated period of 20-30 minutes or so, co-exploring the agreed topic or question. Folowing this they will pose an open question for the gathered group to explore in a structured format. Through a participation, reflection and interaction, the deeper wisdom of the group will be brought to light, to create a shared experience of heightened togetherness and awakened possibility together.

Post Event Events are crafted to refresh uplift inspire participants through a grounded integration of head and heart and enable them to walk and act with the possibility of the more beautiful world in mind.


Carla : Is a pioneer, visionary, leadership trainer and editor-in-chief of Pioniers Magazine which she launched in 2015 and since then she has regularly interviewed well-known and unknown pioneers. She sees many similarities in the development of these pioneers with her own development. From her years of experience, she has developed new insights for further deepening and transformation of leadership and cultural change. In her recent book she shares practical tools and insights, enriched with the personal experiences of herself and many pioneers. Whereby Pioneering Leadership offers a hopeful perspective on the limitless possibilities for a new shared future!


Dave experienced a nearly thirty year career in the United Kingdom, carrying out non-profit work, largely with socially excluded children and young adults. This ranged from front facing service delivery, to project management and quality improvement to innovation and workforce development. He also enjoyed, in parallel, many years of personal and spiritual development, which he hardly ever explicitly brought into his work. Towards the end of this phase, seven years ago, with his now wife who is Dutch. Subsequent to commuting between London and Amsterdam for three years , Dave took a big risk moving to settle in the Netherlands. Ever since he moved, he has focused on realising a long held dream, to integrate his spiritual depth and wisdom with his professional knowledge, and to develop a commercial enterprise. These capacities form the pillars of his leadership development business ‘Generative You’.

When: 27th februari 19:00- 21:00 uur Online.

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